WaterOne, Johnson County, KS - Circular Clarifier Drive Replacement


Process and plant engineers rely on CEO Structural Engineers for a wide variety of structural design projects specific to manufacturing and industrial processes, including:

  • Power Plant Modifications & Additions
  • Water Treatment Plant Repair
  • RTU and HVAC Structural Design
  • Facilities Expansion
  • New Openings in Masonry or Bearing Walls
  • Staircase Design
  • Skids, Pipe Racks, Mezzanines
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Truss & Column Modifications
  • Walkways, Catwalks and Platforms
  • Pre-Engineered Building Foundations
Structural modification of a working manufacturing or industrial process plant is often complicated by the inability to shut down an operation such as an assembly line or boiler while the modification is made. 

CEO Structural Engineers have extensive experience designing retrofit structures for working facilities and is sympathetic to the plant engineers and facilities managers who are responsible for keeping the wheels rolling while construction is underway.

Our precise documentation coupled with practical and efficient structural designs expedite the construction process while minimizing frustrations for plant managers and engineers.  Let us help you plan your next plant or facilities modification!