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CEO Structural Engineers, Inc.

A full-service consulting firm providing personalized structural engineering service for both public and private sectore clients. Our wide range of structural engineering expertise offers a one-stop resource for our clients, both regionally and nationwide.

Superior Structural Design Documents

Consider how inaccurate details, sloppy organization and a general lack of information such as missing dimensions or grid-lines can negatively affect the outcome of a construction project. Incomplete engineering documentation creates confusion for estimators and project managers often resulting in cost-overruns and needless delays.

CEO Structural Engineers employ a proprietary drawing style known for its logical organization, clarity and uncompromising attention to detail. Our superior engineering documents narrow the bid range and expedite construction making everyone in the administrative chain of a construction project more productive and profitable!

Technical Expertise

Architectural Engineering: We excel in the innovative design of all structural materials, including cast-in-place, post-tensioned and precast concrete, steel, masonry, light-gage framing, timber and aluminum.

Construction Engineering: CEO Structural Engineers are “Contractor-Centric" providing structural design for sheet and H-piling, deep foundations, cantilever soil cuts, building shoring, steel casing, tower-crane foundations, critical-lift and rigging.   

Process Plant and Manufacturing Support: Our industrial division provides structural design services for a wide variety of manufacturing and process plant clients involving grated platforms, steel stairs, railings, towers, pipe bridges, machine foundations, pre-engineered buildings and HVAC and Mechanical support systems.

Personal Service

From initial concept through completion of construction, CEO Structural Engineers Inc. promises to provide the highest level of commitment to you and your project. We take pride in our professional ethics and as your trusted advisers, we will focus on your project while exercising care in the handling of your confidential business information. We embrace collaboration and will work closely with you and other consultants to develop only the highest quality solutions to your design challenges. 

Comprehensive Structural Design

Technical Expertise

Personal Service

Unmatched Attention to Detail